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Domestic paper prices "rising endless"?How about the global paper situation?

Writer:China Date:2017-5-24 14:34

This year, the news of rising paper price is endless. Facing the "rising endlessly" phenomenon of the paper market, there are many printing and carton factory owners cried:

Domestic paper prices are uncertain,how about the situation of the paper industry in the rest of the world? Today Ill show you the recently paper situation in some countries.

At first, the situation of Indian , the tight supply of paper in Indian lead to the delay of the printing of the textbooks

The Japan Paper Import and Export Association reported that the Indian Kanatak public school students will not be able to receive textbooks as expected this year, textbooks issued at least 2 months delay. Allegedly, the local printing companies fall into the paper supply shortage.

According to the instructions of the government, they have to print 511 kinds of textbooks , and total amount is 60 million copies. Among them, a government-selected printing company called AnilHosakoppa, must complete the 13.7 million copies of the printing task. However, so far, only 30% of the printing volume has been completed. The company said that in order to meet the order of textbooks, they need to purchase 3300 tons of printing paper. However, the current purchase of about 400 tons of printing paper has been exhausted.

Looking around, many country's various types of paper production have declined, together to see:

Argentines paper and pulp production continued to decline

According to the Japan Paper Import and Export Association report, in recent years, by the impact of the economic downturn, Argentina papers production growth is weak, paper and pulp production continued to decrease. Argentine pulp and paper manufacturers Association recently released the latest statistics show that from January to December 2016, Argentina paper total production is 1.66 million tons, total pulp production is 85.0474 million tons, year on year reduction of 4% and 3.3% respectively. Among them, only paper and pulp production of December are year on year growth of 9% and 3%.

From the trade situation of import and export, last year,the paper exports 11.7275 million tons, an increase of 2%. In contrast, paper imports 80.175 million tons, down 6.5% year on year. On the other hand, the pulp exports 19.6131 million tons, an increase of 13.4%, pulp imports 20.2806 million tons, an increase of 2.9%.

the US paper and cardboard production decreased in first two months

US Forest Paper Products Association recently released the latest statistics,it shows that from January to February this year, the production of the US paper and paperboard accumulated 12.76 million tons, down 146,000 tons over the same period last year, down 1.1%. Among them, paper production fell 3.8% year on year, paperboard fell 0.4% year on year.

The association analysis that due to the closure of some factories, January to February,the use radio of production capacity reaches up to 93.3%, higher than the same period last year 91.7%.  Paperboard production is 3.9 million tons in February , little change year on year. Total paper and paperboard production are 6.1 million tons, down 2.1% year on year. Only two varieties protective process is more smooth, one is the liners 2.03 million tons, an increase of 2%; one is the paperboard of fluid container and foods wrapping , an increase of 9.4%. The paper towel s production for that month was 591,000 tons, flat year on year.

Japanese domestic market volume of information paper decreased in three months consecutive .

Japan Paper-making Association recently shows the statistical data that in March this year, Japan's paper and paperboard domestic market volume are 2.226 million tons, slightly increased by 0.1% over the same month last year, compared with the previous month by the reduction to increase. Among them, 1.212 million tons of paper, down 0.6%, for four months consecutive to reduce; 991,000 tons of paperboard, an increase of 1.0%, for five months consecutive of growth.

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