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Taiwan's household paper prices rose

Writer:China Date:2017-4-18 11:08

  At the beginning of 2017, Taiwan's largest industrial paper, paper factory is the first company to announce the price of industrial paper, recently announced the second wave from April price adjustment. Which led to the life of paper companies also follow up prices.

  ● Yufeng Yu

  The first action is one of the top three living paper brands in Taiwan, "Mayflower" production plant - Yongfeng Yu consumer products industry, announced in March, due to pulp, packaging cartons, production of energy and transportation costs and other major Raw material prices and short-term rally is still a continuation of the trend, making the cost of production overwhelmed, has been unable to absorb their own, it must be properly passed to the ex-factory price, so from mid-March raised raw paper prices, About 5% to 8%. But whether the retail price rise simultaneously, by the sales channel to decide. Yongfeng Yu take the lead in price increases, whether to open the same industry with the wind, it is worth observing.

  Yongfeng Yu Industrial said that since September 2016 to February this year, the price of short staple pulp rose almost every month, or cumulative cumulative 23% to 25%; slender pulp also rose 15%; packaging cartons due to the US economy Strong, so that the demand for waste paper increased, but the global supply of waste paper was significantly reduced, which also led to a sharp rise in the price of waste paper, and indirectly increase the cost of packaging cartons. Energy, natural gas from June 2016 continued to rise in February this year, there are 11% increase in coal from the fourth quarter of 2016 to now rose as much as 50%. Therefore, in order to reflect the cost of living paper price adjustment is imperative.

  Yongfeng surplus consumer goods industry pointed out that in order to reduce the impact on the market price, life of paper prices, will start from the adjustment of promotional prices. In fact from the beginning of February, Yongfeng surplus consumer goods that is the sales channel communication, agreement, plans from mid-March to adjust the ex-factory price, amplitude of about 5% to 8%, and according to different brands, items to do different adjustments, , The price adjustment, is to adjust the depth and frequency of promotions. However, although Yongfeng Yu on the sales channel to adjust the ex-factory price, but the sales channel set by the terminal price, by the sales channel to decide.

  ● Retail terminal

  It is reported that Taiwan has always been the main sales channels, such as hypermarkets will be daily necessities of life necessities as a "road goods" to attract consumers at low prices into the store, hope that consumers can purchase other goods, Therefore, the sales price is still likely to absorb part of the cost of their own prices, or do less than the rise in the ex-factory price of tissue manufacturers to sell, which also depends on the various sales channels can bear the cost of increased pressure. This time the manufacturer adjusts the ex-works price of 5% to 8%, and the sales path may not immediately reflect the cost in order to avoid the market share of the access road; or it may also be possible to observe the dynamics of the industry as a reflection of the cost The

  ● The second wave of price adjustment is expected

  It is understood that the industry to adjust the price of this wave is mainly for bulk supplies toilet paper, in addition to the aforementioned raw materials, energy, freight and other factors to improve costs and have to reflect the cost, an example of a new labor policy implementation also affected the operator's operating costs, Its subsequent negative effects gradually appear, if the pulp, waste paper and other raw materials and other costs continue to rise, the industry does not rule out the possibility of the second wave of price adjustment.

  ● price adjustment is helpless

  Industry sources, Taiwan since 2008, the price of tissue paper market are basically in the narrow consolidation, has not really a substantial price adjustment move. It is also a last resort to take into account the fact that Taiwan's economic situation has not yet improved and that consumers can accept the extent to reduce the impact of the way to adjust the ex-factory price, hoping to improve the industry's profitability is limited.

  It is understood that if the price adjustment from the channel fully reflected in the retail price, then the extraction of toilet paper 10 or 12 packets, for example, the general price will rise 10 yuan or so, should be acceptable within the consumer, and Whether the price adjustment will lead to lower prices to reduce the situation, to be observed.

  Industry believes that to improve the current situation of low-cost competition, in addition to the need to form a consensus industry, but also to strengthen the brand value, to find the right brand positioning, and enhance consumer loyalty to the brand and the development of differentiated new products.

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