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2017 traditional tissue paper large enterprises face six enormous pressure

Date:2017-4-11 15:37

First, the raw material prices led to the increase in production costs: the dollar continues to strengthen and the international commodity pulp inventory reduction, resulting in the price of imported wood pulp all the way to sing, China's traditional life of large enterprises on the import of wood pulp dependence as high as 90% Pulp accounted for the proportion of the cost of base paper up to 60% or more, so the increase in manufacturing costs irreversible.

Second, the excess capacity caused by the terminal retail price war: Although the traditional white life paper companies slowed down the pace of capacity expansion, but the new entrants to the market a little new calf is not afraid of tigers, the pace of capacity expansion did not slow down, so The current production capacity of white tissue or in the period of excess period. The whole world is the same, overcapacity means that the price of rolling, but we come more directly more quickly.

Third, the rise of small and medium-sized enterprises of paper, the competitiveness of the rapid increase: the use of imported paper and imported raw wood pulp to speed up the product quality, brand image, product concept, team building to enhance the speed, further narrowing with the four brands gap. Small and medium enterprises rapid and flexible response capacity, regional adaptability of the product specifications, and price advantage to make up for the lack of brand influence, thereby enhancing the regional competitiveness.

Fourth, electricity business KA to increase sales loss of profits: electricity business KA to the traditional life of paper business belly suffering, electricity business do not lose online market impact of market share, do business also lost the traditional line of the market, told me how Is the price of electricity to the traditional line of war to retreat, and this part of the line under the traditional market is the most important source of life paper business profits.

Fifth, the traditional full-channel marketing and huge sales team to become tasteless: the past sales corps and the whole channel sales is the magic of the success of the four brands, although the money may not be able to become four, but the four must be rich, All-channel distribution and sales teams are required to invest in huge amounts of capital. Moreover, the traditional KA off shop trends, so that the traditional life of large enterprises to reduce the advantages of the Internet, now the mobile Internet era, perhaps only one-tenth of the past investment will be able to go beyond the traditional results. Heng An Group's Amiba model is trying to abandon the past, the way the big sales corps to achieve a breakthrough, the use of small operations team to improve efficiency, and ultimately enhance the per capita contribution.

Sixth, the unbleached bamboo paper products to seize the high-end market, with the true meaning of fashion, personal health, social and environmental protection gradually enjoys popular support, the original wood pulp products is a synonym for high-grade living paper has become the past type. In the haze early warning from the yellow, orange, red constantly escalating today, people are increasingly concerned about the degree of environmental protection and participation, bamboo fiber nature of health and safety, eco-friendly concept is easy to move people, the future development potential is huge, direct cutting tradition Paper business white paper market. Under the heavy pressure of traditional life, large corporate profits began to appear watershed, 2017 is the second half of the time point, lower gross profit began to become normal.

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